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FOSHAN WEYOO WOODWORK FACTORY , founded in 1998, is the first domestic a production of wave Panels of current domestic production factory, is the largest wave Panels enterprise specialized in producing, nissan wave Panels more than 30,000 copies.

WEYOO is industry of new technology, new technology setters and innovators, neville grain by technology innovation rags, 13 years all the way leading China’s wave plate industry technical upgrading, 1998, neville hetian successfully developed the first domestic a wave Panels, 2010 wei grain and success will vacuum clamshell technology is applied to production of wave Panels, and become the world’s first adopts vacuum plastic production technology of wave Panels manufacturers. Vacuum clamshell technology applications, broke the 10 years, wave plate surface has been using spray paint, stick tinsel craft processing way, neville again filled grain wave plate industry of new craft, new technology of blank.

WEYOO is China wave Panels’s biggest export enterprise, the product long-term win the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Italy and the United States, Russia and Western Europe and other countries and regions market favour.


Product Features

A standard product specifications: 1220mm (wide) 2440mm (long) * * 15mm (thick). Material thickness also can choose according to the customer request, 5mm 9mm, 18mm 12mm, 15mm, 21mm, mm, etc.

Standard products material: In fiber board (MDF). Product shader also may be based on customer demand in the choice of fiber board, high density board, melamine board, solid board, etc.

Product pattern: WEYOO have 300 species of decorative pattern design for the customer to choose, can also according to the customer request development other decorative pattern design.

Product color: WEYOO wave plate has three color series, (1) the paint, (2), (3) stick tinsel clamshell PVC plastic motifs. Willy hetian has 150 multiple color sample for the customer to choose, can also according to the customer provide color swatches spraying other colors.

PVC film advantages: Never become yellow, do not fade, surface extremely smooth, motifs extremely clear lifelike, grain variety, moistureproof effect is excellent, but for a long time in the water to soak.

Moistureproof processing: Product surface and side by spray paint, PVC plastic clamshell, with very good moistureproof effect, Product back, customers can choose according to need those who moistureproof melamine membrane. If the product must in the extreme moist environment (such as the bathroom) in use, suggests selecting surface clamshell PVC film, the reverse side with moistureproof melamine membrane products.

Other features: Product surface smooth, colour and lustre is sleek, resistant to become yellow sex good, bad less, moistureproof, prevent deformation, good sound-insulated performance, high performance-to-price.

Use scope: WEYOO used in various houses, villas, nightclub, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, office buildings and interior decoration engineering in, and can match with door, hutch ark, furniture, can also used to screen partition, frescoes, more could replace traditional ceiling, build a high-grade elegant, a gender with, stereo feeling extremely strong jiangcun recreational space.