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Foshan WEYOO Woodwork Manufacturer

Decorative Carved Wood Panels|CNC Route Cuted Wood Panels|Carve Goldenleaf Wood Panels|WEYOO WOODWORK

    WEYOO WOODWORK CO., LTD (WYW) was established in 1997, subject to WEYOO GROUP, PGW is a large-scale enterprise specializing in architectural wall panels that including textured wall panels, sculptured wall panels, decorative grille panels, acoustic wall panels and a wide variety of woodworks.

    WEYOO Panels  is a design company that focuses in developing exciting interior environments through the application and installation of textured wall panels at both commercial and residential level.The concept of creating texture that can be applied to flat walls is one that has always fascinated us because flat walls are plainly boring. In this respect the current trend of enhancing interior environments in restaurants, clubs and hotels with a wide articulation of textures is  testimony to the sea of change that is impacting interior design. Designers are now focused in creating surroundings that envelope the consumer in a wide array of textures to overwhelm the senses. Combine our WEYOO panels with creative lighting and the results are spectacular.


 Our product range includes Computer Carved Wall & Ceiling Panels, Art Decorative Wall Panels, Textured Relief Wall Panels, Interior Decorative 3D Wall Panels, Modern Wall Paneling, and Architectural Wall Moldings. While carved decorative walls are usually found in architectural treasures of the past or five star hotels because of their prohibitive high cost, WEIYI  is extremely well priced averaging $1-6 per square foot.


Detailed Product Description:


MATERIAL: MDF -Medium Density Fiberboard 

GREEN COMPLIANT: Made to  CARB Phase 2 of NO added formaldehyde for air-quality 
SIZE: 4’x8’= 32 sq ft 
PATTERN FLOW: all four sides 

IN-STOCK COLOR: White Prime Ready for Painting 




Standard specification: 1220×2440×15MM ( The thickness can be made to clients’requirment, such as 9mm,18mm,21mm,25mm)

Material :Melamine Faced Board , Medium Density fiberboard,High Density fiberboard, Solid Wood


Outstanding features: 

1. Eye-catching effect: strong solid effect

2. State-of-the-art finish: manu-sanding & artcraft painting

3.Special design: Nevol designs for customer requirements

4.Joinless in every direction: pieces in the same pattern could be joined without obvious gaps

5. Special functions: anti-yellowing, multi-decor functions, easy installation


 Applications: Any interior decoration projects for  interior decoration, such as TV background, cabinet door, exhibition shelf, frame, furniture skin, ceiling wall covering, etc 

Material :Melamine Faced Board , Medium Density fiberboard,High Density fiberboard, Solid Wood

 Packing:each piece waped with bubble bags to one carton

Composition :  MDF panel (E1/E2); 

 Physical Characteristics :  Breaking point 32 N/ mm² ;   Density 8-9 kg / m² ;Thickness 1.5 cm ;Measurements 244 cm x 122 cm

 Water Absorption  : 6-8% without exterior coating; 2% when exterior coating is applied

Storage : Horizontal in a dry place


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