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innovative Accents 3D Textured Panels

innovative Accents 3D Textured Panels are manufactured in 4ft x 8ft and  5ft x 10ft sheets.
As well as custom "cut to fit" pattern layouts.
Also available with "Integrated Suspension System" designed with D.I.Y. in mind. Allowing for the use of a 
template, for sheet placement, with no visible hardware and a "flush mount" fit.

There are many things to consider when looking for 3D Sculpted Paneling.
Style, design, cost are foremost on the minds of most clients.
A commonly over looked part of the process is the actual installation.
Innovative Accents decorative panels are designed for rapid installation and finishing.
Using common wood working tools and techniques.

The diagram below details a major difference between Innovative Accents
sculpted 3d decorative panels vs. similar products from other manufactures.
Seams! Less seams, less work, less time, less cost to install. Another problem with small panel 
sizes is "pattern repeat". Innovative Accents 2014 large scale wave wall panels are designed to 
visually defuse repetitive patterns.