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Modernise Your Decking With WEYOO Panels

Modernise Your Decking With WEYOO Panels
Whether you have a large garden patio or a small 8th floor balcony, wooden decking always gives it that 
little bit of extra character. It doesn’t matter if your decking is made from 100% wood, a recycled wood com
posite or even plastic with a faux-wood effect, being outdoors and facing the elements on a daily basis will
 eventually take its toll on the material and, best case scenario it will have a diminishing effect on its striking

Protecting your decking from the full brunt of the weather is not a challenging task, and there are a number of 
options out there that will serve the dual-purpose of protecting the decking, whilst also serving as a barrier that 
will help keep those on it safe. The most common of these barriers are polywire or thick rope railings, wooden fencing, 
or sheet-glass barriers, each of which have their own pros and cons.